KAD.AI provides high-end bespoke AI and data science consultancy services

We pride ourselves in tackling any AI or data science business case with the best possible solution within your time and budget constraints, particularly business cases that exceed the capabilities of other AI consultancy companies. We are based in Ghent, Belgium, but have provided our services both nationally and internationally.

Do you have an AI business case that just seems too hard to crack? Have other AI consultancy companies tried and failed? Put us to the test and let us surprise you! (Spoiler alert: we have done it before…)

What can we do for you?

Bespoke AI training

We offer bespoke online or on-site training in AI and data science principles, methods, tools,…

AI strategy advice

Not just our standard pitch: we engage in a meaningful conversation with you so we can give you tailored advice.

Advice with specific AI R&D projects

We offer high-level supervision and advice of AI and data science R&D projects within your organization.

AI and data science solutions

We build end-to-end solutions for your AI and data science business cases.

The team

What our customers say